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When people think of tattoo parlors, they think of grungy, dimly lit spaces with loud blaring music. Not at The Art of Ink Studio. Here, we intend to flip the tattoo world on its head. 

Customers will receive a spa-like experience in a clean, inviting, and well-lit environment. The Art of Ink Studio aims to serve those that might not otherwise frequent a traditional tattoo parlor, although we welcome anyone here.


We think clients familiar with the “normal” tattoo facilities will be blown away by The Art of Ink Studio’s revolutionary new aesthetic. We hope to create returning customers. 

Here, you can receive a traditional flash tattoo or a one-of-a-kind tattoo crafted by local artists like owner Paulina Romain and others. Each artistic creation is thoughtfully crafted with you in mind. 

Click below to make your tattoo appointment and see for yourself how The Art of Ink Studio can revolutionize your tattoo experience!

A tattoo is a work of art on the canvas of one's body. With tattoos becoming a more mainstream expression of oneself, it’s increasingly difficult to find the right expression that fits your unique style. 

Achieve your desired ink with inspiration as unique as you are. Prepare to bring your imagination to life with The Art of Ink Studio! We offer a wide variety of tattoo styles for all bodies. 

We know that changing the outward appearance of your body can come in a variety of ways. Some bodies want to show off their tattoos, while other bodies want to use tattoos to cover up unwanted scars from injuries or invasive surgeries like a mastectomy. 

The Art of Ink Studio proudly offers scar camouflage tattoos. You deserve to feel comfortable in your body in everyday life and during such a sensitive procedure. Your discreet areas are in good hands here. Our spa-like atmosphere is calming and reassuring, and you can expect the utmost privacy through every step. 

Stop in to see how The Art of Ink Studio can help you wake up looking and feeling your best every single day. Make your appointment today!

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