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Want brows that wow? Try Microblading with The Art of Ink Studio! Microblading gives once dull brows the lift and pop they never knew they needed. It is far and away the most popular permanent cosmetic available. Life-changing results tailored to each face shape and personality style. 


Microblading places thin tattoo strokes on the brows to create a fuller, more natural-looking brow without all the effort. Specific measurements are taken upon consultation to ensure quality and correct positioning. This pre-mapping procedure makes certain you get the exact results you want. To further fine-tune your brows and the look you desire, we recommend a perfection session after 6-8 weeks.

Since Microblading is a tattoo procedure, recovery is key to the process. Some scabbing and peeling may occur. Avoid picking at the area, as this can lift the pigment away from the skin. In addition, keep the tattoo clean, sweat-free, and clear of any bacterial growth. After about a week, you’re free to live life as usual but avoid any rough scrubbing. 

This sustainable procedure for your eyebrows can last years with proper care but may require periodic enhancements. Reduce your overall carbon footprint by making this investment in yourself. 

As we age, hair reduction is likely, especially on your eyebrows. While Microblading is not a fountain of youth, many say they get comments on how much younger they look. 

A youthful look, an easier morning routine, brows always on point... What’s not to love?! 

Click the links to make your appointment for Microblading at The Art of Ink Studio today!

Growing up, if you had a grandma that slightly resembled Groucho Marx, you’re not alone. The poor dear did a brave thing by getting her eyebrows tattooed before it became a “thing.” 

Even though eyebrow tattooing has been around for centuries, it wasn't perfected until the late 2000s. It’s no wonder grandma's fake eyebrows did little to enhance her appearance. It mostly made kids steer clear and run to her candy dish instead. 

Fast forward to today, when Microbladed brows are “the” service to get. Say goodbye to Groucho Marx and hello to new and wonderful eyebrows!


Refine your current browline or microblade to fill in sparse areas. The Art of Ink Studio does it all! Click the link to make your appointment today! 

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