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The Art of Ink Studio

Welcome to the wonderful world of The Art of Ink Studio. Here you’ll get a luxury spa meets tattoo experience. Come discover new and exciting ways to display your inner beauty through premier Permanent Cosmetics, Microblading, and Artistic Tattoos.

Get flawless makeup ready to go whenever and wherever you are. Imagine effortless eyebrows that raise eyebrows. Luscious lips that never fade away or require re-application. Dazzling eyeliner that will never smudge or wash off. Display your natural beauty without all the hassle of makeup!

Our Services

We also feature a one-of-a-kind tattoo experience. Achieve new realms of possibility through custom ink designed to match your unique style. We feature local artists in our studio. Our customers can then turn that art into customized tattoos. Ink and art combine to provide you with a beautiful design you’ll be proud to display.

Art of Ink Studios along with Mill Pond Salon is centered in the heart of New London, MN. Here, you’ll elevate your beauty regimen to the next level and experience a better way to get a tattoo. 

No more dank, loud, gaudy parlor. Enter the world of The Art of Ink Studio where we intend to flip your normal tattoo exposure on its head. 

Our clean, well-lit space gives the typical run-of-the-mill tattoo parlor a run for the money. Truly a place where luxury meets art. We feature local artists in a well-lit setting designed with luxury in mind. Revolutionize your routine into your new reality! 

With The Art of Ink Studio, let your body become the tapestry of your beautiful mind. Here, you’ll receive kissably soft colored lips, perfectly pruned eyebrows, and the opportunity to bring to life your thoughts, feelings, ideas, and stories through artistic ink. 

About Art of Ink Studio


Paulina Romain is the founder and owner of both The Art of Ink Studio and Mill Pond Salon. Her services include premier Permanent Cosmetics, Microblading, and Artistic Ink. Paulina is dedicated to creating personalized body art. She allows each client’s inner stories, thoughts, feelings, and expressions to be displayed outwardly. 


Paulina crafts each type of tattoo with her client's desires in mind. Her artistic gift brings your imagination to life! Whatever tattoo service you choose, rest assured Paulina’s ability to display art through ink is truly one of a kind. She has over 4 years of experience in the Permanent Makeup, Microblading, and Artistic Ink fields. 

To see Paulina’s handiwork and unique designs specifically created for her clients, be sure to check out the gallery and her clients' rave reviews

Paulina’s down-to-earth style makes every client feel loved and appreciated for the beautiful soul they are. Everyone’s invited to come and experience her talent in action at Art of Ink Studios. 

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